"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Nine Beanrows: Straying into politics

Straying into politics

Addendum: I'm not sure whether it's been a blessing or a curse to be away from politics down here. Nothing seems to touch Torbay except local issues like the number of palm trees on the promenade that the EU will 'pay for' in an attempt to regenerate the area.

I'm in a strange time-warp where talking politics, sex or religion is still deemed infra-dig. No-one has noticed my Cross of St George or the Gadsden flying in the back garden yet or, if they have, they're just too polite to ask.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I'm sorry for the sparse posting; I'm finding it really difficult down here at the moment with all the work being done and all these damned boxes to unpack and wash after two years in storage. A lifetime's accumulation of saucepans, clothes, cutlery, ornaments, rugs and general detritus needs a thorough clean and that's on top of working in the garden, modifying curtains and hanging mirrors, paintings and so on. It's coming along, as you can see HERE but, my word, it's hard, slow work and I definitely feel a 'Yard Sale' coming on.

I've found time to do something I once swore I would never do and that is: join a Political Party.  I suppose there's no guesses for which one but I did it because I reckon they need the money and they're also the best we have at the moment.  I don't see anyone else in sight.

Once things are more settled here I hope to take a more active part in local politics - because the action is either there or on the street.  Government doesn't listen - it promises the earth but delivers nothing. Manifestos aren't worth the paper they're written on (we all remember THIS)  and, day in, day out, we hear tales of profligate local councils spending local taxpayers money on things they shouldn't via taxpayer-funded credit cards.  Who the heck thought it was a good idea to give Council employees a charge card for which they weren't liable?

We elect these weaselly wastrels time after time because they smile, live locally, have photogenic children and a pretty wife or say what we want to hear but we find that when they're in Office a fair percentage of them are as venal as the previous incumbent and clawing his/her way up to a General Election.  I wish voters would take time to reflect: vote Independent or a smaller Party, anything but the LibLabCon.

It amuses me that the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats are still referred to by the press and tv as "the three main Parties" when UKIP has consistently out-performed and out-polled the LibDems for almost a year.  It's time the House of Commons felt the wind of change and only we can do it with our votes.

I've stopped posting WHEDFU warnings because everyone knows by now what a malign influence the European Union has over our government, our Parochial Town Council. Cameron and Co are mere Town Clerks: an irritating buzz to be whipped away with a swish of ex-Maoist Barroso's tail.

Where does that leave Bilderberger Osborne? It leaves him having to get a grip, go against the prevailing wind and look back 2068 years:
"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt.  People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance."
Cicero , 55 BC
I'd add to that quote that the government must learn to live within its means and not off the back of high taxation taken from the working man and small businesses while, at the same time, introducing punitive legislation on smoking, drinking, food, fuel and homes. In short, it should butt out, leave us to our own devices and stop legislating against everything we do and using our own taxes against us. Governments should have no place in manipulating markets and must let the consumer have a free choice.   I don't elect a government so it can tell me how to live my life; I elect a government that I think will best represent the country and provide its defence.  What a sucker I was and, sadly, my children still are.

It seems like every corporation and his mother has gagging orders and pay-offs in place for disgruntled employees, including our very own Secretary of State Eric Pickles and his Department for Local Communities and Government.  According to Mr Pickles it was a system already in place when he became titular head of the department ('nothing to do with me, guv') and he will 'look into it'.  The NHS; the BBC; our local Councils; our Government - one has to ask where, when and how it will all end.

I know one thing for sure: if we all sit on our butts and do nothing, it won't end.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Harrogate Agenda

Check out Niall Warry, once the 'National Office Manager' for UKIP.  The Harrogate Agenda is nothing more than an outlet for vested interests and those who swing whichever way the wind blows.  I may have dreamed it but I'm sure I saw a vision of Richard North holding sway over a round table of favoured acolytes.

Just like 'Referism', the Harrogate Agenda has been overtaken by egos.  It's clear to me that the only protest party that gets results is feet on the street: missiles hurled, confrontation with the police.  Distasteful as that is, I think we've reached a point where nipping off to the kitchen to make a cup of tea is no longer an option.

Get out of the kitchen, face up to your responsibilities. No-one will come.

Monday, 22 April 2013

I Didn't Hear The Question

Where is it now, the glory and the dream?

A fraction of the government's conjured-up £130bn to promote house-buying would be better invested in an open and above-board voluntary repatriation scheme overseen by the Home Office together with support for a private company to track down and deport illegals, no questions asked, no HRA invoked. Our problem is not a shortage of housing, primary school places, hospitals: it's a surplus of immigrants.

When a government considers a crazy policy equivalent to carbon off-set to property developers who will be allowed to build anywhere in England in return for some supposed quid pro quo, you know we have problems. When a government seems intent on implementing the Communications Data Bill, despite overwhelming opposition from civil liberties organisations and ordinary people, you know we have problems. Government can't fix these problems because they caused them.

Since all these policies would be the same no matter whether we had a coalition/conservative/labour government and I see similar policies being carried out in other western countries, I can only assume that the requirement to implement such nutjob policies comes from 'higher up'.

Our economy, and our society, has been comprehensively trashed and I'm not a happy bunny. I'm especially not happy when I see that I have only two options open to me to voice my dissent: riot or vote UKIP. We are too fragmented for the first option and UKIP can only address some of the issues, even supposing they sweep the board at the local council elections.

The damage done to the country in the meantime will only be compounded and the damage already inflicted will be consolidated. I don't recognise the place anymore. I used to think it would be better to be a stranger in a strange land than a stranger in my own but I've spent my time abroad and now that I'm home, I'm not going anywhere. It grieves me so see how England has been brought so low and that the majority continue to vote for these devious toads of governments.

PS I forgot a third option: writing a comment in the Daily Telegraph. Meh!

Intimations of Immortality

There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream, The earth, and every common sight to me did seem apparelled in celestial light: the glory and the freshness of a dream.

It is not now as it hath been of yore; turn wheresoe'er I may, by night or day, the things which I have seen I now can see no more.
The rainbow comes and goes, and lovely is the rose; the moon doth with delight look round her when the heavens are bare;
Waters on a starry night are beautiful and fair; the sunshine is a glorious birth,
But yet I know, where'er I go, that there hath past away a glory from the earth.
Now, while the birds thus sing a joyous song and while the young lambs bound as to the tabor's sound, to me alone there came a thought of grief:

Though nothing will bring back the glory of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind;
In the primal sympathy which having been must ever be;
In the soothing thoughts that spring out of human suffering;
In the faith that looks through death,
[In years that bring the philosophic mind]

The last sentence was omitted from Thatcher's funeral service.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Moving On

When I listen to a London call-in radio station that used to include black-cab drivers complaining about traffic or housewives complaining to the government about local schools; when it's now home to people with foreign accents complaining about schools, benefits, housing; when I hear Clegg perpetuate the myth of Thatcher's so-called 'society' quote - the one that's always truncated & never considered in its full meaning; when I hear Cameron tell another half-truth; when I see the media reporting it all as truth, I know something has changed.  There has been, like it or not, a seismic shift in the media, our government and our country.

Notwithstanding that Leveson, the media and government cosied-up a long time ago what we have now is a nation of uninformed foreign nationals, foreigners who have been gifted British citizenship and  a rising sector of uneducated State School children and their parents.

Some people say that Thatcher defeated 'the Left' and the Unions but she didn't: they just went underground and spread into our public institutions.

Cameron hasn't yet come to grips with the fake charity groups - those that proclaim charitable status yet take funding from the government, ie money paid in taxation in order to bombard us, via the msm, with their reports. He also welcomes Agenda21, Rio sustainability.

I can't bear reading the news any more but one thing is sure: it can't last.  One day we will either succumb to slavery or we will fight back. I've joked too often about hips, mattresses and barricades but I'm not joking when I say that I believe John Major was the first EU technocrat, a long time before Monti, Draghi et al.

Something in me tells me we have always had a leading role so: should we be patient, sit back and hope the Cameron/Clegg coalition brings it it all crashing down?  Clegg & Cameron are borne and bred eurocentrists and their government introduce policies, later retracted because they don't conform to EU directives - they u-turn and apologise to us but, ultimately, just don't seem to know what they're up against.  Maybe they do? Maybe they should tell us?

The only things they seem capable of approving is to ban fast-food outlets within meters of a school or set up drug-dens in town centrtes, despite the fact that drugs are illegal.  These propositions have come from Local Government, not Central; it's all to do with Regionalisation and giving greater autonomy to local authorities courtesy of the EU and the UN.

I salute those who continue to send out the warning but beyond advising to buy a wind-up radio, a wind-up torch, a stove that runs on zip fire-lighters and a few sachets of SAS survival foodstuffs I can't add to what I've already blogged.

Our system of governance and judiciary, once copied throughout the world, is now unfit for purpose.  It's fake government and it's fake justice.  We shouldn't let ourselves be labelled: not by government not by Unions, not by lobby groups, not by anyone.

Once upon I time I'd just spend hours reading international news and collating headlines with comments for the blog and I expected people would make up their own minds. Now my eyesight is so poor that I can barely type or see more than a foot in front of my face and what I do read makes me hyper-crazy with grief and anger at what we have become.

I know it seems stupid to say but our fields aren't in Belgium, our fields are in England and the fighting ground is in our own districts, our own Local Authorities.  We've been infiltrated and we must fight back so laugh and mock all you like: there is an element in the English psyche that will fight to the death to defend England, its history and what it means to us.

I think England is losing the battle at the moment - it's almost too late to fight back via the ballot box.  From the outset tptb have known that it will come down to a fight between those who know the truth and those who still believe in the integrity of the State.

I've written a lot of truth tonight without the usual link back-up and there are grains of nonsense but it will come down to a fight between, not Left/Right, but government/people.  Think of that next time you vote.

Cameron apparently said: We're all Thatcherite now.  If he truly said it then I can't think of a better reason to vote UKIP with all its faults because we have nothing left to lose.

Went The Day Well

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All Bets Are Off

 Could this be the game-changer we've all been waiting for?

Cyprus turns to Russia

Despite a warning from Merkel, the Cypriot Finance Minister has flown to Moscow tonight to try and hammer out a deal to extend existing loans and for further financial aid.
 "The chancellor once again emphasised that the negotiations are to be conducted only with the troika (the European Union, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund)," said [Merkel's] spokesman.
"Cyprus belongs to its people," [the people] chanted as the result of the vote – widely forecast – was announced.
"We told the Germans where to go," said Costas Georgiou, 35, a food and drinks manager. "This was for everybody – not just us. We support the Russians, but we also did it for Spain, for Italy, for the Portuguese, for whoever they come after next for money. We have saved them.  We are only a small island, we are 0.2% of Europe. We needed 10 billion euros. Imagine what they would do to Italy who need hundreds of billions."

I really, really hope that Cameron and Osborne have a watertight contingency plan in hand for Britain and that they're not the idiots they appear to be.  If our economy nose-dives even further then it will take more than an announcement tomorrow of £2.5bn cuts and free dosh for working mothers to save us.

And this just in via Newsnight/twitter:
[Click to enlarge]

  Bluff? Double-bluff? Who cares? Interesting times ahead.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tightening The Screws

Since globalisation (aka fascism not capitalism) everything seems to be going to the dogs for the vast majority of us. The system is configured to benefit multi-nationals and governments and we're just work units to be fed whatever they think we'll swallow.

Cameron was photographed today eating hand-made pies from a specialist English producer in an effort to convince us that all is well and he'd eat horse but I bet he wouldn't risk eating an Everyday Value type of pie; neither would Paterson.  The politicians are conflating different issues in an effort to diffuse the argument and media coverage.

One other thing occurs to me in all this talk of false labelling, criminal conspiracy or contamination and that is the suffering of the slaughtered animals.  The end doesn't justify the means.  Like many aspects of our political system, animal welfare demands a radical solution; we shouldn't turn a blind eye to the suffering that goes on in order to put a meal on our plates; the shoes on our feet; the cosmetics on our lips, and the medicines for our pains.

England, and Great Britain in total, is becoming a very claustrophobic country with its disregard for the fundamentals of life while giving precedence to petty regulation: something radical is needed before the screws are tightened so much that we can no longer breathe.  The European Parliament is already debating whether political parties with whose views they disagree (ie those that don't support the EU project) should be funded.

I occasionally feel envious of those mediaeval, disenfranchised serfs whose huts were torched by villainous overlords: at least the serfs were allowed weapons and so could defend themselves. We, on the other hand, have 'progressed' and so have one vote every five years with a choice between the Marx Brothers or the Crazy Gang.

For a brief second, one day in 2010, I thought Cameron and Hague might be part of a Trojan Horse intent on bringing down the EU from within but nothing I've seen since has persuaded me from my original thinking.  We have placemen, not government, they're just following orders and they're fully signed up to the NWO.  The strange thing is, I'm pretty sure the Nuremberg Trials said 'just following orders' was no defence.

Nevertheless, those in power makes the rules.

I look at the lack of protest in our country and I wonder what happened to the Poll Tax rioters: whither has it gone, their glory and their dream? (apols to Wordsworth).  I guess the answer is that they've gone into local government, quangos, trades unions, ngos, charities and central government.

Stock up and arm yourselves with cricket bats or take to the streets of SW1 is my advice.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Farage: Two new videos - War & Immigration

Two new videos from Nigel Farage here.

In the first: "I do not want the United Kingdom to be part of a militaristic, war-like European Union and that's the speech that I've heard, both from you, President Hollande, and from most people in this Chamber today."

In this second video he takes an early swipe at Guy Verhofstadt and talks of David "piggy in the middle" Cameron's futile efforts in the EU budget debate.

He focuses on employment and immigration, particularly regarding the expected influx of Bulgarians and Romanians.

"The debate in Britain has changed and now it is about immigration... people in Britain are shocked... It is unacceptable that we should open our doors to them unconditionally... and if Mr Cameron does not get a substantial re-negotiation of the free movement of peoples then Britain will leave this Union."

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cameron's EU Speech + Updates

Being introduced by an American chap at Bloomberg London HQ who calls it "a milestone speech".  We'll see.

Cameron begins with references to WW2 and 'the skies of London being lit by flames'.  Attributing peace in Europe to the Elysee Treaty and the EU.

Now, the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Calls it the 'central story' of the EU and references Churchill.

'The purpose of the EU today is not securing the peace but securing prosperity.'  'Global trade.'

I think I'll just post the full transcript when it's available.  It's hard to know who he is addressing - it doesn't seem to be the British people.  There are many soothing, reassuring words for his audience in Brussels but nothing yet that directly affects us.  So far he's said nothing concrete and is still circling the mulberry bush with his airy-fairy, emotive language. I think it will take some effort to tease out anything of substance from his speech.

One thing's for sure, PMQs should be a hoot today.

UPDATE: Cameron said a couple of things that stand out: There is no European demos; The UK can go it alone. However, the majority of the final part of his speech is given over to pro-EU arguments why we should stay in and why we don't, apparently, want to be like Norway or Switzerland. He's started campaigning already and is trying to rebut arguments already levelled against him about the dismal likelihood of any re-negotiations.  I find it hard to believe that he didn't show his speech to the colleagues in Brussels for prior approval; we'll need the usual dose of healthy sceptism when reviewing the transcript later. He's now taking questions from journos in the audience.

From media clips and reaction so far I don't find it impossible to think that Cameron might swing it and actually win the next GE on the basis of what he's just said.  UKIP need to engage more; they need to say more than, 'this is a great victory; if it weren't for us Cameron wouldn't have said this,' which is what they're doing right now.  They need to keep up the pressure and make sure Cameron doesn't backslide.

Mrs Bone, according to eurosceptic Peter Bone MP, is apparently 'singing in the bath'. That's the measure of the readily-appeased Conservative backbenchers.


Here is the first reaction from a europrat - tweeted by Martin Schulz, unelected President of the European Parliament: (click to enlarge)


Link to transcript of speech

UPDATE 4: Videos -

Videos courtesy of @LiarPoliticians

UPDATE 5: EU Referendum has an excellent analysis. For some unknown reason I'm unable to get the EU Referendum blog to update automatically in the sidebar blogroll so I've put in their old and new websites - just click through for updated posts.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Farage: We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, even revolution

Nigel Farage gave another speech in the European Parliament today and delivered a few more home truths to them.  Needless to say, judging by the looks on some faces, it didn't go down well in some quarters although there were a few cheers and applause at the end:

"I owe no allegiance to that flag and nor do most of the people in Europe either."

Open Europe has blogged about an item in today's Queen's Speech: A bit of European political dynamite. It deals with fallout from the 2010 Treaty change and how the rules have changed since then. Backbenchers are now more feisty and the msm is reporting EU-related events more than it did.

This pro-EU think-tank asks whether MPs will demand Cameron offers one of his famous 'vetos' and says: 'Remember, an EU treaty change is not a change at all until it has been ratified by all member states.'  The general conclusion is that it will be very messy indeed and it's worth reading for all the details.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Witterings from Witney: Ukip Factfile

Here are some interesting statistics about UKIP's overall performance in Thursday's elections.  They were so close to being voted into office on many Councils - as MrW says: "If only..."

Ukip Factfile

Friday, 4 May 2012

Tomorrow's Front Pages - Another Four Years for Johnson

At the moment the results for London Mayor still haven't been announced.  It's been an absolute fiasco with power cuts, ballot boxes discovered in storage cupboards and faulty counting machines.  UKIP did badly and didn't even get a London Assembly member.  Apparently there was some sort of monumental administrative cock-up and the rumour is their name didn't go on the ballot papers - instead it said 'Fresh Choice'.  I expect there'll be a post-mortem and all will become clear tomorrow.  Just for the record, the Greens came third, pushing the LibDems down to fourth, followed by the Independent candidate.  The BNP trailed in last.

Here are tomorrow's front pages, courtesy of @suttonnick on twitter.  It seems fairly certain that pressure will mount on Cameron now.

(Click to enlarge, as usual)

UPDATE:  Finally, at 23.53 - Benita, Ind. 83,914; Cortiglia, BNP, 28,751; Johnson, Con, 971,931; Jones, Greens, 98,913;  Livingstone, Labour 889,918; Paddick, LibDem, 91,774; Webb, Fresh Choice for London, 43,000+

After 2nd pref votes:  Johnson 1,054,811; Livingstone 992,273

From that, you can see that UKIP weren't even mentioned - they were listed as Fresh Choice for London. I was so astounded that I missed the exact count of their votes.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

If Only...

If only Cameron and Osborne had one tenth of the political nous and balls that this man has:

In 2014 the power of the EU will become even stronger as Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) increases its grip on our nation: Areas of competence surrendered to the EU

If you haven't already read or at least skimmed through THIS recently declassified FCO document then do it now.  Yes, it's 234 pages but you'll gain far more understanding of the extent of the lies, subterfuge and treachery that underpin Britain's membership of the EU.  If you can't spare the time, then you have no place here: go back to clutching your duvet.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Daily Politics: UKIP & Claire Perry MP

I can't find any specific clips relating to these two interviews on yesterday's DP so HERE is a link to the whole programme on BBC iPlayer. It won't be available for very long so catch it while you can.

The interview with Lawrence Webb, UKIP's London Mayoralty candidate, is between about 22.44 and 29.25. He's very personable, talks well, isn't thrown by the questioning and generally comes across well. The UKIP strategy is to give your first vote to UKIP and your second preference to Boris Johnson. Here are the key points outlined on the programme:
  • Stop further EU legislation which might affect the City of London;
  • Zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour, knife crime etc: "Offend on Saturday face Court on Monday";
  • Priority given to Londoners over migrants for jobs and housing;
  • Scrap the congestion charge and restrict the Low Emission Zone;
  • Landlords to have power to choose whether to have smoking rooms in pubs & clubs;
  • Make it easier for people to carry out Citizens' Arrests.
For me, though, there was only one Star of The Show, and that was Claire Perry, Conservative MP for Devizes and a cheerleader for Westminster's Osborne Fan Club. The delicious dissection of Claire begins at roughly 38.53 and ends at about 48.27.

If you watch nothing else today, PLEASE make a point of watching this. She's there to defend the government handing over another £10bn to the IMF in order to prop up the eurozone countries. The twists, turns, squirms, interruptions, head-shaking and face-pulling are a thing to behold and you may need to clutch a cushion and watch from behind the sofa. Even I was embarrassed for her because she obviously doesn't have the self-awareness to be embarrassed herself. ("Shrill? Is that because I am a woman?"  No dear, it's because you know you don't have a leg to stand on).

In contrast the Shadow Treasury Minister, Chris Leslie, did very well. Ed Balls is right (*faints*) when he says that had Osborne pledged one penny more it would have had to go to a vote in the House.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Anderson, Schmanderson

"The sovereign people ought to be thoroughly, abjectly, ashamed of their spinelessness, their infirmity of purpose, their unspeakable wetness. But there it is. They are the only sovereign people we have."
So speaks Bruce Anderson, piss-poor journalist par excellence and author of such oleaginous hagiographies of Cameron that one fears for his mental state. Or, at least one would, if one gave a sh!t about this t!t of a man.

And who is this "we" of whom he writes? How easy it is for this rather creepy individual to distance himself from the sweaty mob and align himself securely at His Master's side inside the Westminster Bubble, separate and distinct from we who are 'spineless, infirm of purpose and unspeakably wet'.

Anderson is delusional if he really thinks all Cameron has to do to win more Conservative support is turn the economy around & deliver tough guy soundbites.

Economy & leadership
Serene Cameron is misunderstood

Lovely, I've just found this from Nadine Dorries: "[Anderson is] a complete misogynistic @rse".

Here's a pic of the man who has variously been described as a tosser, a tw@t, and as having a fondness for the sherry.

Now I've seen a pic of him, it explains so much and I reckon the best thing to do is just keep laughing at him, or as the boys would say, "Leave it Ma, 'e aint werf it."

UPDATE: While I'm playing whack-a-hack here's another load of execrable nonsense: Walter Ellis. This article embraces everything from Wolf Tone to Republicanism and the EU and ends with nothing of any real relevance to say about UKIP. It actually made me chuckle out loud to think that this is what passes for informed comment in our daily newspapers.  The author is being metaphorically slaughtered in the comments, and deservedly so.

Friday, 25 November 2011

What If?

It's happening in front of our eyes. The mechanisms are in place in the form of loosely-worded, ever-changing and open to interpretation 'laws', regulations and directives. Thanks to the doctrine of spin, state education, a public sector that comprises more than 50% employment and a lickspittle media, we're truly fracked.

A tip of the trident to Fausty

What if Nigel Farage is our Ron Paul?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Pro and The Con

The Pro:

Note the change of iconography (Cameron as Henry V, 'jousting', 'crusade', 'portcullis' - albeit with a Union Flag which didn't exist in those days - good old BBC) and tone.
Sopel: But isn't the real eurosceptic thing to do, which is what David Cameron and George Osborne will do is... to say 'we are fighting for Britain's interests within Europe and trying to get the best deal possible..."
After decades of reviling 'eurosceptics' the BBC is now carrying Cameron's torch that it's okay to be a eurosceptic and that we're no longer 'fruitcakes, nutjobs and Little Englanders' (even if you were Scottish, Welsh or Irish).  They're still one step behind the rest of us who know full well that there is no chance of renegotiation within the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, or any of the treaties our governments have signed on our behalf.

I'm unsure who the two commentators were because I didn't watch the programme. One is called Sarah, who smirked as Farage answered a question, and the other, I think (going by his voice and, if it is him, he's put on a bit of weight and grown a beard), is James Somebody-or-Other, an LBC radio phone-in host who is so pompous and arrogant that he never lets others finish their sentences and always interprets their views - "What you're saying is..." "What you mean is...").

Here's the Con (Artist):

Britain will have to join the euro, says Michael Gordon Richard Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine
"People have no idea of the scale of money British banks are owed by European banks. If the European banks start going it will be our banks that are on the line, our government on the line."
Oh, I think we do have an idea; we do know. We know the scale involved and we know you will make us pay for it. We also know that our taxes shouldn't be used to prop up bankers or governments. Nothing should be too big to fail.  The views of this failed and bitter politician are irrelevant.

Government has become far too big and unwieldy.  The government's proposal to cut 10% of MPs doesn't go far enough - that's only 50ish MPs lost (maths isn't their strong point).  You only have to look at the House during PMQs to see them fighting chunky haunch by well-fed jowl for a seat on the benches.  They're all tucked in very cosily and those who fail to find a place must elbow for room around the Speaker's Chair or in the doorway, shoulder to chippy shoulder.  Personally, I think it's become so rotten and corrupt that I'd like a clean break - slash it back to one MP for one County and re-build it from there.  I don't think that proposition is any more ludicrous than the system we now have in place.

Added Value: THIS, from 2006:
Mr Cameron also condemned the "ignorance" of English people about Scots and Scotland and the "embarrassing" English insensitivity on matters ranging from the acceptability of Scottish banknotes to "the inevitable aggressive Glaswegian drunk" in TV programmes.
"If I become the prime minister of the United Kingdom, I'll never, never take Scotland for granted," Mr Cameron said.
He also pledged to take on "sour Little Englanders" who wanted rid of Scotland. "I'll fight them all the way," he said.
 Well, at least the Scots weren't taken in by him.

By the way, I keep meaning to find the link but ... Voting rights in the EU are determined by the population count.  Nod/wink.

UPDATE:  Here's Heseltine talking about the great "European adventure". with an insert about the events of Black Wednesday:

Thursday, 27 October 2011

So Fractious!

People seem so fractious these days: from the Southern Mediterranean to North Africa, from Northern Europe to the British Isles and on to America and Canada, there is just so much discontent at the moment. If you go on Twitter, that's virtually all there is, pouring in, all the time: unrest here, disquiet there, riots brewing everywhere.

Some people complain about social media networks; they say they're juvenile, frivolous and empty-headed. I'd say, well, sort out the people you 'follow' then. If you follow IheartBieber or Loveland4All what can you expect? GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Did you know that there's apparently a video somewhere of Gaddafi being raped after capture? You won't hear that on the BBC or SkyNews. Or how about THIS?  I posted about it having been developed back in 2009 but at the time the press release said there were no govt takers and treated it as a joke. My, how times change. As Hookie said in response to a previous post, we can't take anything for granted - and one thing's for sure,  we shouldn't take for granted that government is benign.

Some people might think that those two bits of info are GIGO, but I think they're interesting and worth keeping an eye on.  I might as well throw in these as well:
  1. Yet another e-petition but this one is different in that it calls for the government to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
  2. Nigel Farage claims he's heard whisperings of Conservative defections to UKIP.
It's cat/pigeons time everywhere at the moment and our little worlds are about to be rocked, mega-bigtime.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


It was on a Thursday morning...... that the plumber came to call. So that was my day, no bathroom but copious quantities of builder's tea and plates of chocolate hob-nobs. The cats weren't best pleased - neither of them like the noise or the restrictions of the flat and always make a dash for the door (like kitty, like owner). I haven't told them yet but he's coming back tomorrow having done a temporary job today.  He also brought down half the ceiling but thereby hangs another tale.

I haven't done a WHEDFU for a while so here's a quick round-up but first, please join me in a little prayer:

Libyan PM jailed in Tunisia. Erstwhile PM, Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, was caught trying to cross the border illegally and has already been tried and sentenced to six months' imprisonment. If only the wheels of our Courts turned more speedily.

The UN: Plugging away in failure. The essence of the article is that if you keep failing, try a different tactic. There's a Christian slant to it but if you're not interested, just ignore the Biblical references.

Say hello to the European Protection Order. It will "cover victims of gender violence, harassment, abduction, stalking or attempted murder; thus, not only sex-crime victims, but “other forms of indirect coercion […] as well as her/his dignity and personal liberty”.

Get ready for Cameron to announce a new, innovative, Big Society, drugs policy: Human Rights-based approach to druggies. An initiative from the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe.

The Polish Interior Minister has slated Holland and Finland because they want tighter control of their own borders rather than rely on Schengen when it comes to admitting Bulgarians and Romanians. Poland holds the EU rotating Presidency at the moment (because we can never have too many Presidents).

An aside: it's always amazed me that Britain, despite the Schengen Agreement being a "red line", a "line in the sand" beyond which our government would not go, we still have borders as porous as those of Greece or Italy, despite the fact we're an island. I'm astounded at how well our governments have done in breaking down borders. It's as if the natural barrier of water didn't exist and that puts paid to my childhood belief that evil witches can't cross water.

What do we want? More awareness of girls. When do we want it? Now!:
"MEPs have launched a written declaration calling for more awareness of the plight of girls and young women in Europe and around the world.

The demand for the UN to inaugurate 22 September as the international day of the girl was part of a series of events during this week's European week of action for girls in parliament."
No wonder the poor guy fried. Sorry if you think this is in bad taste but really. The EU has no place interfering in another country's jurisdiction. Having said that, I did sign the petition to free him. Poor chap.

Watching me, watching you. Meet the EU’s new Computer Emergency Response Pre-configuration Team (CERT-EU).

Another aside: I can't be the only one to have noticed the increasing references to cyber-crimes these days.  Whether it's stalking or bullying or tweeting, it's all in the 'news', from the Mail to the Sun to the Telegraph & The Times. The Judicial Inquiry into #hackgate will not only look at regulating the msm but the internet too.  They'll be looking to see if it's possible for Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, to be shut down in a State of Emergency.  Keep an eye open for it - we're being 'nudged' via the msm.

Open Europe, a pro-EU think-tank but honest about it, takes a look at the British press coverage "We would perhaps add that the EU is already at the heart of national politics".  Nice to see it acknowledged somewhere at last.

EU Civil Servants are apparently up in arms about proposals for them to work a 40-hr week.  My heart bleeds.  What with taxation at 8% and all those ring-fenced pensions they must really have a hard life.

On the day that Cuadrilla announces it has found sixty-six years of gas reserves in Lancashire and can create 1700 jobs, the EU lobbyists says fracking is "dangerous for our health and the planet".  So, good luck with that one, Cuadrilla and Lancashire unemployed.

Are you worried about your job, your pension, how you'll manage when you retire?  Well, stop being so insular, xenophobic and small-minded.   Here's the EU's favourite think tank: the Arab Democratic Wave,  the EU & China in Africa, Angola, Syria and Afghanistan.  They haven't even heard of Doncaster, Stockton-on-Tees or Mevagissey.

If you're at a loose end, between jobs and job-seekers, make a video.   Europarltv is running a competition to find out what diversity means to you.  Do enter; you may as well, you're paying for it.

About UKIP:  THIS is their website.  Their blazing headline is "Why we support British Pub Week".  I think it's time someone, somewhere pulled their finger out.  The website is a joke and their priorities are wrong.  Any number of independent bloggers have better-presented sites and more current and relevant news.  They just look so seventies and it's about time they sharpened up if they want to be taken seriously as a political force.

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